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Trep House: A virtual venture development platform + community + creative capital studio designed to launch and accelerate the success and sustainability of POC founders & creators.

We do this by building a much needed ecosystem of Black- and Brown- centric training, support services and growth avenues.

Streamlining and centralizes access to the full range of business growth services, Trep House does it all while being based in the authentic culture, opportunities and talents that undereppresented enTREPreneurs are especially ready to launch or have a need that next stage of boost.

Whether your and your business need:

• Training
• Services
• Connections
• Funding Access

With Trep House, you AND your venture will grow to the fullest potential.


We provide Curriculum and Resources tailored toward the underdeveloped makers and doers.

Successful founders and owners never stop learning. Trep House helps you get the tools that you need, from learning to tap your Entrepreneur Mindset to finding the vendors that provide the products / services to ensure your business grows.  

Here’s a few of the proven learning opportunities that Trep House offers from a Pan-Afri/Latinx-(ad)vangtage point:

• Custom-Tailored Courses / Live Coaching Sessions
• Entrepreneurial Support Marketplace
• Mentorship Network

About US

Everything we do is built at the outset with the most brilliant...resilient founders in mind. Those with most need so highest potential

We’re adapting the "Supehub" and "Creative Capital Studio" models to provide a virtual equivalent.

•Online training ranging from entrepreneurial mindset to basic business skills as well as advanced topics

• Incubation services for launch-stage businesses

• Acceleration services growth-stage businesses

•Managing crowfunding + other alternative forms of capital access

Venture Development Program:

All-In-"Won" digital platform that links mentors, funding, training and community with those most isolated yet innovative.

Founders and business owners need more than money -- they need good ideas, great design work, help telling their story and getting their message across, and much more.

Instead of paying for all of those services out of precious cash, a Creative Capital Studio works out an agreement between business and service provider where all or part of the service provider’s compensation comes from an equity or future income agreement between them.

Learn and Earn

Successful founders and owners never stop learning, otherwise they stop earning.

Trep House helps you get the tools that you need, from discovering howto tap into mindset, network and culture, bringing clarity and, ultimately, scalability.

100% of applications accepted

Custom Venture Development Plan

Tailored and Growing Course Library

Venture Supporting Services


A place for members to ask questions, start convos, collaborate and share.

From help getting up to support rising beyond, a SuperHub assists founders and creators in figuring out and actually getting what they need without spending hours on the internet or wasting time in programs that don’t fit them.

• Recruitment & Networking

• Intentionally design programs for women and minority entrepreneurs

• A Business Model that lets us meet our clients where they are and help them get to where they want to go


Membership in Trep House is available to any Black- or Brown-identified entrepreneur or business owner

$99/yr - First 100 "OG" Members ONLY

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