We know the challenge of the usual venture development programs. This is in ADDITION to the diversity/inclusion issue of these institutions.

Our online platform addresses the limitations of traditional incubator/accelerator models with a number of key aspects:

We provide Curriculum, Mentors and Products/Services tailored toward the Underdeveloped Makers and Doers.

After completing the 15 minute on-boarding assessment, you recieve a comprehensive score based off several metrics. It's based on a range of zero to five.

This populates a custom venture development plan that walks you through how to achieve a 5.0 rating for your venture. The goal is to establish as a robust and investment-worthy venture.

All company information can be easily managed and referenced to when needed vs. committing everything to memory or a catch-all folder with countless documents.

Trep House Virtual College for Founders will provide a growing library of personal/professional development content meant to take both you and your venture to the next levels.

There's also a curated marketplace of the best founder-supporting products and services, free and paid. Relevant documents, 3rd-party vendors and in-house consulting links can all be found here.

Our vetted mentor network gives world class advice at a backyard price. It's a no to low cost/high value source of real-world expertise based exactly off who you need to talk to.

All meetings take place through the platform so no worries about note-taking at a million miles per hour. Reference back if/when necessary.

Once you've developed yourself and your venture through the systematic process, we begin to work on the funding stack for your project.

Between personal/business credit hacks, alternative capital sources and our soon-to-launch in-house fund, we can help you suss out the best possible scenario for your resource-raising efforts!